Aromatherapy & Perfume

Alternative Health, Aromatics, Frgrances and Fixed Oils are the main subjects covered here. Vitalism and Organic farming methods unerpin a lot of the ideas presented. Self help and guidance has to be not only Practical but also Clear and this is reflected in these writings.

Aromatherapy for Everyone

The first edition was way back in 1992. Today it is in booklet form that maintains the original function of informing the ordianary consumer wishing to know what the basic tenets of the therapy are. It provides first calss advice for using a selection of 24 essential oils which are easily obtainable in stores and on line.

Originally published in support of Nelsons the homoeopthay company when they entered the world of aromatherapy under their brand Nelson & Russel. Following the guidelines long established in the world of hommeopathy an index of physical symptons is provided with the appropriate oil to counter these symptons. However it also includes a unique index of emotional and mental symptons matched to appropriate relieving essential oils.

The introductory section gives basic information about the therapy and its uses and history. In addition quite clear methods of using essential oils for their benefits from bathing, massage to inhalation.

The 24 essential oils highligted are dealt with in some detail, concise but highly informative. Each oil has its own page showing its character and uses with its signature aroma as well as related oils which can be blended together.

Around the world this must be the most widely distributed book on the subject as priniting has reached the million mark in about 11 editions in English. An of an easy read handy guide.

Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Floramicus Publications

Language: English
ISBN: O-9543295-2-X
RRP: £5.50

FRAGRANT EARTH MANUAL Hints,Tips, Advice and Usage

The 1st and 2nd ecditions were simply called the Aromatherpy Desk Reference and it became the popular quick refrence, go to guide for professional aromatherapists who wanted simple expalanations and advice about making products.

This 3rd edition now available for the general public contains a few key articles published by Jan Kusmirek over the past 20 yers. The basic information about materials available to those who want to make their own cosmetics and aromatic materials has been expanded and revised. r

Contents include Essential Oils, Vegerable oils, Extraction & the Use of Solvents, Bases for Health and Cosmetics, The Need for Preservation and more.

For all things aromatic, fragrant,cosmeticand materials for well being

Paperback: (Illustrated) 150 pages
New Generation Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 9781-1-78955-461-8
RRP: £15.95


The definitive book about vegetable oils for use in aromatherapy. First published in 2002 and now in its third edition. Fully illustated and covering some 50 vegetable oils with their characteristics, profiles and uses in aromatherapy.Extraction methods are fully explained and the resultant diffrences in qualities and uses valued and balanced according to the purpose.

In plain language Liquid Sunshine explains how vegetable oils work to benefit skin and health. It explores how they may be better used in aromatherapy, the differences between oils and and the way different commercially produced oils vary and their merits. The trade and different terminology like cold pressed, virgin and refined are explored for meanings may differ by brand.

The book is written from experience and concentrates on usable information rather than theory. A much needed work for all those interested in skincare, health and aromatherapy.

The definitive book about vegetable oils for health and skincare in aromatherapy

Paperback: (Illustrated) 192 pages
currentlyout of print
Language: English
ISBN: 0-9543295-0-3

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