Defining Sensitive Skin


Cosmetic houses often suggest products which are specifically designed for sensitive skin. Sometimes they are more expensive than products designed for normal skin. What do cosmetic companies mean by Sensitive skin.

Most people think their skin is special. Well in a way that’s true. The skin bacteria which form our skin acid mantle is not only vital to skin health but like a finger print is unique to every person. But whilst we think of our skin as delicate, special and so on sensitive skin has a special meaning.

We could say there are two types of sensitive skin. Those with serious medical conditions that require specialist medical treatment often with genetic origins and those with more superficial conditions. It is the latter that cosmetics are good at resolving.

Check for these signs to see if your skin needs some extra care.

Prone To Rashes and Bumps

Flaky skin

 Itchy Skin



The common factor to all these conditions is a dry skin. True there maybe underlying conditions like eczema or an allergic reaction but even these are often related to excessive dryness. So the best way to combat this is to make sure our skin’s barrier is in good condition to stop our natural moisture escaping! That’s okay provided at the same time we don’t block pores and make sure the skin can breathe!

Surprisingly the main cause of dryness is hot and cold weather or ventilation systems providing auir conditioning. In the cold we close down at the surface and air conditioning ca be as dry as the Sahara desert. In the hot we sweat to keep cool. Many office workers at lunch time go from a cold or warm environment to the reverse outside and the skin does not have time to adapt – it gets shocked and then irritated. Once irritated it tends to look for other reasons from itchy wool to products we apply – it is sensitive – even to change. So keep skin balanced and cool.

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The Skin Wizard

About Jan Kuśmirek

Having brushed with the Security Services in my late teens and early twenties, I went on to become one of the world's leading exponents of aromatic medicine and skin care. I am an accepted authority on the subject and a sought-after lecturer. In the last few years I have turned my hand to literature and am the author of three spy novels that retell the European confilcts of the 20th century from a Polish perspective. The central character in the series - Teddy Labden - has resonated with the Polish media, who have claimed him as their own "James Bond".
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